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Indigenous Policy


Celtic Scaffolding strives through its business enterprises to strongly advocate harmonious relations with the Indigenous community. Celtic Scaffolding will work in collaboration and through consultation with Indigenous Peoples, plan and deliver solutions that meet community needs.

The overall objective of this Policy is to:
Develop committed partnerships between Indigenous peoples and Celtic Scaffolding.

To achieve this will require:

  • To change the way Celtic Scaffolding works with Indigenous peoples

  • Support incentives that work towards achieving real and measurable improvements for Aboriginal


  • Supporting and affirming Aboriginal peoples' culture and heritage

    Celtic Scaffolding's Indigenous Policy reinforces our commitment to self-determination, and expresses respect for the diverse cultures of. Indigenous peoples

    The following four areas have been identified as the focus of action in developing new ways for Celtic Scaffolding when doing business with Indigenous People:

    1. Develop Celtic Scaffolding's capacity to work with Indigenous People through: policies, procedures, and protocols recognising Indigenous peoples culture, Needs and aspirations

    2. Improving the cultural competence of staff so that they can be more responsive to Indigenous peoples culture, needs and aspirations.

    3. Planning and decision making processes that assist communities to be informed and enable different solutions to be implemented at the local and regional level.

    4. Accountability processes to ensure the policy is implemented monitoring, reviewing, and reporting processes for services and outcomes

    This policy, and its associated internal processes and procedures are subject to ongoing review and development Amendments may be proposed by Celtic Scaffolding Personnel on the basis of their experience and / or feedback from the Indigenous community. An update / amalgamation of changes to the policy occur annually and take account of the views of staff and clients. Regular reviews are conducted in accordance with the normal corporate review cycle. Responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of this policy and associated documents lies with the Director. 

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