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The growth of Australia has seen large scale development of our infrastructure systems.  Celtic Scaffolding’s management teams and workforce have a comprehensive knowledge of all forms of infrasture.

 “Complete on time, on budget and without incident”

Celtic Scaffolding has a wealth of experience in infrastructure projects.  Our broad range of services based entirely around temporary access solutions and scaffolding solutions, means we are able to provide a complete service.  Our highly experienced and qualified management teams are able to provide support with design, labour, sales and hire, and consultancy

Our management structure and teams are able to provide, design, staffing and project scheduling, and project management, to ensure your projects run smoothly and safely. 

Celtic Scaffolding are committed to complete on time, on budget and without incident. We’ve up built a strong reputation for reliability and professionalism, and have long term agreements in the infrastructure sector.

If you need a fast and reliable service, contact the team today to see how we can positively support your business

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