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Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives flow from our Quality Policy and represent what we are trying to achieve by implementing our Quality Management System. To meet our commitment, we must;  

Objective 1:  To be regarded as the safest, most efficient and cost effective provider of Access Solutions for our clients.

Objective 2: To complete jobs in agreed timeframes that meet client requirements (timely completion).

Objective 3: To monitor and review all re-work (as applicable) for any recurring issues.

Objective 4:  Maintain a customer satisfaction rate of at least 97% (based on feedback obtained through surveys and feedback from clients)

Objective 5:  Leverage efficient technology applied to all business processes in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Objective 6:  To value our Customers through open communication and timely responses. Complaints are viewed a service improvement mechanism ensuring that all complaints are effectively resolved in a consistent manner and that the information gathered via complaints is utilized for continual improvement.

Objective 7: To achieve reliable efficient and safe loading, delivery and collection of scaffolding materials to all types of sites within the delivery timeframe scheduled. 




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